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outside songs

by Ledah Finck

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each time i return home my house is smaller soon it will be only a little jewel and then only a little warm room inside me slow chime or herbs and crickets and wood every few moments the sound of the stillness rushes in to be listened to
I only want one thing really to shrivel away into smaller and smaller pieces eat me eat me make me huge breathe me back and forth squeeze me like a ton of soil squeezes out small droplets of green twisted life make a stem a root a leaf --- Great mother spider, thoracic cavity loam dormancy the time before infancy in the same as out. twisted green things nudge shells aside a resurrection but not holy four worms squirm underfoot the husk! the pod the prickles & rind
I am a straw woman tease me apart with your talkative beak build a nest where you can settle down alone every piece of me will be so soft you won't even feel me i'll keep you silently if you'll keep me from blowing away
when you wake up on the surface it clings like a slug's belly there is complete silence bounded by one mosquito everything is grey cloud
there's a peach out there getting riper and riper the tree is grows from is a ton of wet concrete that kissed a leaking fountain pen the willow's tears evaporate four feet above the ground


Video playlist here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJivR_j1xuzhp2yNUf3d8g4s3HIewudWq

Over the course of 2021, I mostly took a long break from writing concert music and instead tinkered with my large collection of sounds I'd liked and recorded, stitching them together with words I'd written and a variety of mostly random instruments that I am not an expert at, although you will hear the occasional sound of the violin, my primary instrument. Each song, as a whole with its video, is a patchwork snapshot of a place I spent time in during 2021: my parents' house in north carolina, upstate new york, moosehead lake in maine, the gloucester artist residency in virginia, baltimore late at night. I hope you'll take the time to watch the videos, which were made in a similarly collaged spirit, all using iMovie and iPhone footage.

Besides violin, this little album contains the sounds of tenor guitar, octave fiddle, loon calls, various cutlery, kalimba, field recordings of all sorts, and my sometimes unintelligible voice.



released January 31, 2022

all tracks created by Ledah Finck

mixed and mastered by Sam Torres





Ledah Finck Queens, New York

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